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The Company Behind the Company

For over 30 years, Graj + Gustavsen has partnered with brand owners, investors and operators to maximize brand value and create brand experiences that resonate and connect deeply with customers.

Graj + Gustavsen

G+G is a full service strategic and creative brand consultancy that delivers vision to venture products for brand and business growth in the areas of strategy, design, brand extension, and consumer experience. Through our teams and our process, we help brands clarify their reason for being and flourish in a complex marketplace.

Team G+G

We help brands to evolve and align with the market, create brand extensions that help brands grow revenue and market share, and build new brands from scratch based on a white space opportunities in the market.

Brand Extensions

The Heart of What We Do Lies in Our Process

Our process is driven by discovery and integration of all brand touchpoints. The power of our process is that it enables all brand stakeholders to envision tomorrow, today.

Research + Discovery

Aligning Brand Truth with Market Opportunity

Our process looks at the marketplace, consumer sentiment, and the inherent strengths and opportunities in a brand.

Global Market
Our Process
Our Process